„Her touch is crystal clear, almost sober, thoughtful and transparent, free of pathos, but full of poetry."

Dr Thorsten Preuss, BR KLASSIK, 06/2020

The Well-Tempered Clavier I

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Alexandra Sostmann's new CD!


„...Her Bach playing is thoughtful, but not thought-heavy, measured, i.e. always finding the right measure and therefore always appropriate, always well thought out, always full of care and therefore full of natural clarity, full of tremendous composure, but always with trembling internal tension. But above all: always extremely lively, singing, sometimes taut or gently swinging, but always: compelling. 10-10-10.“
- Rainer W. Janka, Klassik Heute (11/2023)

„...Under Sostmann's fingers, Bach's music sounds incredibly clear and logical, but at the same time musical and authentic. Alexandra Sostmann succeeds in squaring the circle here, her Bach performance unites heart and mind in an ideal balance.“
- Radio Bremen (11/2023)

Review by "Pizzicato"

Review on "The Well-Tempered Clavier I"

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